About Elements 5

"Elements 5 begins the process with the end-game in mind"

​​The Elements 5 Team offers customer focused, responsive, quality, technical and program management experience in both the government and private sector.  As a small business, our management team and decision-making structure is extremely agile and flexible.  We empower our program managers to be the decision makers facilitating rapid reaction and resolution of contract and technical issues.

We are a small business with extensive experience and understanding of issues that are of critical importance to the Federal Government. Elements 5 will strive to provide experienced leadership and management and earn company stability resulting from high employee retention, a consistent record of accomplishment in quality delivery, experience with Government contract management that leads to new and repeatable business, and a solid debt-free financial base. We have an exceptional HR administration and compensation plan to retain quality employees and provide incentives to challenge them with the possibility of upward mobility.  Elements 5 strives to keep the workforce cross-trained mitigating employee turnover impact.  Elements 5 quality assurance program implements processes and procedures striving for continuous improvement.  We continue to implement innovative and best practices to do more with less for our customers, without a disruption in our service and quality.  

Elements 5 is comprised of team members who are subject matter experts in multiple business disciplines. The company specializes in several major services, including finance, health care, technology, management, operations, and human resources.

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