Financial Analysis and Procurement

The Elements 5 Team is a trusted partner to government and private sector customers, providing them with a full range of innovative cyber security solutions to protect IT infrastructures and keep them ahead of the curve

Elements 5 provides a comprehensive and highly experienced team who are subject matter experts (SMEs) of the standards, architecture, and specifications of automated financial systems, including source documents, system flows, system interfaces, and related internal controls.  The SMEs have the knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques of financial analysis, forecasting, and modeling to interpret quantitative and qualitative data; includes data modeling, earned value management, and evaluating key financial indicators, trends, and historical data. 


Additionally, Elements 5 has the core competencies of various types of contracts, techniques for contracting or procurement, contract negotiation and administration.  We provide an open line of communication with our customers and deliver support in the following areas:

  • Finance Process Optimization

  • Finance Function Benchmarking

  • Cash & Working Capital Management

  • Cost Management

  • Financial Information Management

  • Financial Performance Management

  • Planning Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Contracting and Procurement

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