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Elements 5 is comprised of highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts in multiple business disciplines. The company specializes in several major services, including health care, technology, management, operations, and human resources.

SoftwarE Life cycle Development

Combining the best processes, procedures, and people to ensure first-rate software development that fit your IT infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Wiring

Delivering enterprise-wide solutions that offer a full consistent view of the industry

Cybersecurity Solutions

Prepared to help address the growing cyber threat against our nation and  to provide processes and technology to secure and protect critical cyber missions

Health IT Services Consulting

Ensuring the right results with industry leaders, senior consultants and best-in-breed certified engineers, medical functional experts, subject matter experts and analysts 

Management and Advisory Services

Delivering integrated solutions through high-end administrative and professional management services

Program Management

Providing experienced  experts with vast program knowledge

health and wellness

Providing full service health consultancy, built around a team of industry-leading health professionals

Human Resources Management

Assisting in designing and delivering staff and management training and other opportunities to support process improvements

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